by Franca Storm

*More passion, more heart, more dirty-talking bad boy! Extended & revised version of former original release, BAD IMPRESSIONS*


WANT (Revive Me, Part 1)

Out Now:

She was the golden child. The good girl.
My best friend’s little sister.
Sophie Clinton wasn’t meant to get mixed up with the bad boys. But she had, with one of them.
Once. One night.
The biggest mistake of my life.

When she comes back to town, all hope of putting it behind me is shot.
The desire for her that I’ve tried so hard to squash, comes roaring back to life.
I want to stake my claim on her. Make her mine.
But it’s wrong for so many reasons. She deserves better. I’m not the man to give her that.
I need to stay away from her.
That’s easier said than done when she makes me lose control whenever I get near her. She pulls me in. I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want her.

He’s the town maverick. An unapologetic womanizer.
My older brother’s best friend.
Brad Marsh didn’t play by the rules. He never got too close to anyone.
Until me.
Once. One year ago.
The night he’d let his guard down.

When I escape to the safety of my hometown, all I want is to lick my wounds and lay low.
All of that seems impossible after I run into Brad on the night of my public welcome home party.
The sexual tension between us sparks to life instantly.
But he’s already hurt me. I deserve better. He’s made it clear he’s not the man to give me that.
I need to stay away from him.
That’s easier said than done when I’ve already tasted what he has to offer. He has a hold on me.
He’s the only man who’s ever made me feel truly alive.


RUIN (Revive Me, Part 2)

Pre-Order (Feb 25):

We reached our tipping point and crossed that line again.
The difference this time?
There’s no going back.
Sophie Clinton is my addiction and I’m not letting her go for anything.
She’s mine.

With Ollie’s heavy-handed threat hanging over us, things aren’t smooth sailing at all.
I want to put it out there, just tell him we’re together, and celebrate our love out in the open.
But Soph wants to keep the peace, forcing us to skulk in the shadows.
That’s just the start of the obstacles standing in our way.
I don’t care. I’ll fight against them all to safeguard what we have.
Nothing will take my girl from me.

We’re together for real now.
But now it’s reality and no longer mere fantasy, it’s all on the line.
I want to revel in our love, no more holding back.
Brad Marsh is the man I’ve always wanted.
He’s mine.

But our relationship is tested, pushed and pulled.
With Ollie threatening to ruin Brad, a blast from my past, and Brad’s insecurities, we struggle to hold on.
Not to mention, I need to focus on getting myself back together.
I’ll fight for us. I’m not the helpless girl who’d retreated home anymore.
But as things keep coming at us, I can’t help worrying that it might be too much.
Will they break us?


OWN (Revive Me, Part 3)

Pre-Order (Feb 25):

I thought I was giving her enough of me.
I thought I was all in.
Sophie Clinton right beside me is everything I want.
She is my future.

From all the threats I’ve had to put down to safeguard what we have, there’s been some fallout.
I’m holding on with an iron-fisted grip, to ensure she doesn’t slip through my fingers.
So many have come to take her away, I can’t risk letting my guard down.
But I’m unwittingly pushing her away.
I’m failing.
My demons just won’t leave me.
But, if I can’t get a grip soon, SHE will.

I thought we were good together.
I thought we made one another better, healed each other.
Brad Marsh has more issues than I’d realized.
He won’t let me in.

After everything that’s happened, I’ve learned my lessons.
I’m putting my foot down and I won’t be controlled.
For so long, I’ve tried to please everyone.
But I need to live for me now.
I’m stronger.
I’ve conquered my fears, no longer lost.
I’m moving forward.
I want Brad by my side, but it may be too late.
Too much damage has been done.
Are things just too broken now to fix?


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