When an alpha female assassin meets the ultimate alpha male, all bets are off. Rules will be broken….



Damon Brookes is an alpha male to the core.

Unapologetically arrogant.

A renowned playboy.

A shrewd businessman.


That’s just on the surface.


He’s hiding a dark, brutal past.

A dangerous man.

A dominant lover.

He demands control.


And that’s something Alana Halton won’t give.

The best of the best.

A guarded loner.

A street-smart entrepreneur.


She’s haunted by an awful past.

A dangerous woman.

An unyielding lover.

Always in control.


Sparks fly when they’re thrown together to take down a mutual enemy.

Working so closely together is a true test of their control.

Despite the high stakes, the burgeoning passion between them can’t be contained.


Will it be their road to ruin, or a path to a much-needed peace?


I was all about control. I swore to myself that I’d never get attached to anyone or anything, especially not a damn woman.

But Alana Halton isn’t just any woman. She’s under my skin now. Now I’ve had my taste, I’m addicted as hell. I can’t walk away.

But she doesn’t trust me. She’s so damn hot and cold. I know it’ll only take a slight push and she’ll walk away. She doesn’t get it. I’m the only one she can trust. And I’ll do whatever it takes to make her see that, to protect her.

She. Is. Mine.

I don’t need anyone to protect me. I’m not some dumb damsel in distress. I’m the best contract killer out there. I don’t need anyone or anything.

Until he came along. Damon made me break all my rules.

I’m losing control over myself. Letting him in means I have to stop being numb. It’s what’s kept me alive over the years. No emotion. Always cold and levelheaded. But he’s in there now. In my head. And other places. I can’t deny that I just might like it a little bit.

But am I really willing to risk everything by putting my trust in him? Or, will I do the sensible thing and walk away?


Alana is mine now.

I’ve finally managed to break through all her walls. She trusts me now.

The problem is, she doesn’t know the whole truth–the secret I’m keeping from her.

It’s for her own protection.

I don’t plan on her ever finding out. And once I complete this last mission, there’ll be no way of that happening. I just need to keep her in the dark until then.

Sometimes there’s no choice and you have to lie to the one you love.

Especially when their life is at stake.

I trust Damon with my life, my body…with everything.

It was a long road and a hell of a battle getting to this point. But now that we’re here together, I’m never letting him go. No matter who stands in our way.

And there are a lot of people trying to tear us apart, not to mention the hit still hanging over our heads.

I might not be the killer I once was, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do the damage I need to.

I’ve spent too long in the dark and now Damon’s helped me out of it, there’s no way I’m going back.

I’m not losing the man I love, or myself.



She’s discovered my secret. My betrayal.

But I did it for her. To protect her. And I’d do it again. Whatever it takes to keep her safe.

But can she forgive me? Can she get past it? She’ll have to, because I’m not walking away.

We’ve been given a gift and I’m not letting that go. Not for anything.

And I’m not risking her. She’s benched from this mission. The mission that will end all of this.

I just hope my unholy alliance with Dean and Mark can hold up.

The stakes have never been higher.

This is our last stand.


He betrayed me to the man who rules my nightmares.

But I’m different now. I can see the bigger picture. I know he did it for me. For us.

I can find a way to accept it. But what I won’t accept is staying out of this mission. I’m going to be there to take Cartwright down, alongside them.

I’ve never been a woman who allows anyone to put her in the corner and that’s not about to change now.

We’ll end this together.

I just hope we’ll all come out of it in one piece. I hope we’ll all survive it.



Finish the intense ride with the final part in this erotic action thriller romance that has a bit of everything: a possessive alpha male billionaire, mystery, spies, a love triangle, intense passion and a tough female lead.




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